Features to Look for in an Off-Roading Vehicle

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Off-roading is growing in popularity, and many newcomers aren’t quite sure where to begin. Not every vehicle is created equal—especially when it comes to how well something can handle in the dirt and mud. Here are features to look for in an off-road vehicle.

Four-Wheel Drive

A major element of off-roading is having to overcome rock formations and other obstacles. Therefore, you’ll almost definitely need to have a vehicle with four-wheel drive. Four-wheel drive has many advantages, especially for off-roading, but the biggest one is more traction.

Locking Differential

In addition to four-wheel drive, your vehicle will also need locking differential. This feature allows for wheels to move at the same time instead of rapidly spinning. This is another feature that will help you overcome the difficult parts of an off-road trail.

High Ground Clearance

When you travel off-road, you need to know you can get past a lot of different obstacles—whether it’s a bush, a boulder, or a something in between. Many off-roading vehicles have high ground clearance, and rightfully so. High ground clearance helps ensure a driver doesn’t find themselves stuck on the trail. You’ll want to look for a vehicle that has enough room between the ground and the bottom of the body.

Quality Suspension

A final feature to look for in an off-road vehicle is a high-quality suspension. A premium suspension will give your tires the best friction possible. While suspension is obviously important while driving on ordinary roads, it becomes all the more important off-road. With reliable suspension you can trust, your off-roading adventure will be safer and more enjoyable.

If you’re specifically looking for a quality four-wheel drive vehicle—old or new—look for features like four-wheel drive, locking differential, high ground clearance, and good suspension. Safety is your biggest priority due to how dangerous off-roading can be, and these qualities can help ensure it.

Written by Kevin O'Neill

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