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Product Review: 3T Arx II Team Stealth Alloy Road Stem

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Arx II is an evolution of the well-liked Arx alloy stem, which has found a place on every sort of bicycle since its launch in 2007. Its a subtle refresh of this classic design.

The faceplate is drawn in tighter at top and bottom, for a more ovalized frontal appearance, while retaining the cutout 3T logo. The sides of the extension are slightly flattened for a more sculpted look by comparison with the tubular section of the first-generation Arx. A single M7 bolt clamps the stem to the fork steerer, in place of the twin M5 bolts used previously. Bolts are now the more-secure Torx-type fitment in place of the Allen bolts used previously. Arx II Stealth features our elegant Matte Black finish.

3t Arx Ii Team Stem Review:

One bolt adjustment is a feature appreciated by many cyclists. Completing the adjustment with a 5mm Allen wrench is quick and easy, after the initial fitting of the stem to the handlebar. Fine adjustment of the stem angle is available by loosening off the face plate bolts, but with a 5mm Allen wrench used for this purpose, the stem will have minimal wobble.

Arx II is available in five versions, above and below, plus the Team Stealth. For all versions, the bolts are Torx heads, but the stem can be fitted to frames fitted with 5mm Allen bolts. To alter the stem angle at the handlebar, hold the faceplate on at the top, loosen the bolts, tilt the stem in the required direction and then re-tighten the bolts.

Arx II is a fine product, suited to high-end bicycles. As mentioned in 3T’s press material, it has a slightly less racy look than Arx I, but is stylish, comfortable and very durable.

Initial Thoughts

The Arx II is a fantastically named product. This stems from the Latin arx, and means “citadel, stronghold, fortress, castle, citadel, stronghold.” The first part of this stems from orge, and means “a height, height, stature, top, a mountain.”

Orx II, as in the second part of the name, means “an enclosed space, enclosure, a courtyard, a garden, a place surrounded by walls.” The stem is a strong, stalwart object that fits into a space surrounded by the handlebar. The offset is increased by the shape of the stem, which is desirable, as is its effect on the comfort of the bicycle.

The stem has five key attributes. Heat treated aluminium, which makes the stem a very durable object. Laser etched 3T logo adds to the technical feel of the product. The Arx II has a slightly less racy look than Arx I, and this is a good thing, as it fits with more bicycle designs.

The Arx II is extremely light , with a total weight of 104 grams. This is achieved by using very fine aluminium, ¾ aero grade, which 3T calls Ulltralight. The stem is available in four sizes: 90mm, 100mm, 110mm and 120mm. It comes with the 3T Rackon-T bar clamp, which ensures that the handlebar has a low frontal profile.

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Steyr Performance Design

3T has helped to develop the Steyr performance design, which can be found in the Steyr Profil Premium Seatpost. This seatpost has an optimised ergonomic shape, and is found on numerous bicycles sold by Stockli Cycles. This gives the Arx II some organic design elements in its shape.

3T Arx II Team Stealth Alloy Road Stem Specifications

The Arx II is available in Black, Stealth, Team Stealth, White, and Team White. It is made of 3x2mm Ulltralight aluminium, for great weight-minimising strength. Weight is just 104g, and all the stems have a clamp diameter of 28.6mm, and a reach of 52-84mm.

3T Arx II Team Stealth Alloy Road Stem Performance

In use, the stem is a pleasure to use. Everything about it is right. It looks right, it weighs just 104 grams. It seems to be universally admired, by cyclists and non-cyclists alike. It’s small size, it’s non-threatening appearance, these are all elements that make it a great performer to use.

The Arx II is a product that will go in many different places. It can be used as a standard stem, with the face plate closed. It can be used as a bar-end shifter, with the face plate open. It’s very hard to get this wrong. The reach, the extension angle, all are managed as desired. The stem is very stiff, and does not deflect at the handlebar.

In contrast with this strength, the Arx II is comfortable. The rubber coating on the face plate is a slight nuisance, but nothing worse. The supplied screw-in handlebar plugs are not to everyone’s liking, but there are other options out there, such as those from Ergon.

The weight of the stem is 104 gr, the overall weight varies from stem to stem, but goes from about 200 gr up to 240 gr. This is the weight of whole assembly, including the handlebar clamp that comes with the stem. The handlebar clamp is the 3T Rackon-T, and can also be used with oversized handlebars via spacers.

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