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Product Review: Chris King Press Fit 30 Bottom Bracket

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Chris King have created their Press Fit 24 and Press Fit 30 Bottom Brackets to uphold the Chris King standard of precision craftsmanship and high-performance construction.

Based on their phenomenally successful Threaded Bottom Bracket system, their Press Fit BBs will give you the same performance, serviceability, and dependability that you have come to expect from every Chris King product.

We also stock conversion kits to suit your crankset, please see below:


  • 100% made in the USA.
  • 5-year warranty.

Chris King Pf30 Bottom Bracket Review:


  • Chris King weight-optimized.
  • Aero ball bearing bearings.
  • Pressing resistance of C2.
  • Chris King care and precision.


  • Expensive.
  • May only last 5 years.
  • No threads to bolt rings on.
  • Pressure contact may be fragile.
  • Some question the stability of the BB through the threaded adapter.
  • Powder-coating does not work if used on a Freehub body.
  • Some bikes may have very low crankset bearings.
  • No top gear lock-ring included.

Included tools:

Check your bike’s bearings: The included Allen wrench is not good enough to really tighten those bottom-bracket nuts while keeping the wheel from rolling if using a freehub body. So I recommend buying a lower-cost/quality Allen wrench from a specialty shop. Also if you need an anchor tape deal, the only one available is the hard top-saddle tape.

Install your bottom bracket: Don’t try to turn the nut all the way over by hand. You have to weld it in place.

Push the nut in and then nest it with the axle you just turned the nut with while attaching the axle to the chainstay. You want it nice and snug, not lopsided.

Brake your wheel: Place the hub assembly in the frame and then tighten the axle nut. Then, while still holding the wheel, lock the axle nut. If you drive by and it sounds like the bike is skipping a wheel direction, go fix the wheel.

My Experience with Bottom Brackets:

The Chris King Press Fit 30 and the Chris King Press Fit 30 bottom bracket was quite solid and feels like it will be a very good product in both durability and serviceability. They are a little expensive but well worth the price tag. After using the Press Fit 30 bottom bracket on several bikes, I am pleasantly surprised by the performance and serviceability of this product.

They are quite stiff and will definitely give your bike a good strong foundation platform for the tire to sit on and help shed the swelling and watery goo that we get stuck on our tires from. I can see this getting me a lot longer out on the course.

Read more or buy here

Chris King Pf30 Bottom Bracket Review:

After installing my cranks, I’ve noticed things are the same task I did with the other bottom bracket. Use the included tools to tighten the base-seal at the very bottom, which is the most critical for the Narrow/Standard Crankset of an RD.

Bottom-end bearing removal with a tiny Dremel – we already mentioned that we take that opportunity to clean and refine the bearings.

Professionally installed via a few dozen minor modifications on every wheel going very well. The bearings feel excellent to me.

The idea and technology behind the constant development of our products are solid, as shown by what’s happened with the “threadless” bottom bracket.

This product is composed of a lot of different parts and errors can be made on the manufacturing process. At this moment, I don’t know any manufacturing defects. They’ve been reliable for me up to and including this point and we had no failures or issues.

I’ve owned a few different products from different manufacturers and this has been the best bottom bracket I’ve used to date. I hope the people that’s still out there trying to find an aftermarket product can get one soon.


  • Excellent pressure plates.
  • Excellent sew-through bolt.
  • Fits wider cranks.
  • Simple install.
  • Very accurate bearing adjustment.
  • Extremely smooth solid action.
  • Fits a wide variety of cranks.
  • Makes a nice clean “sag” sound when run on a linear rear.
  • Shoot for great performance.
  • Fair price.
  • Excellent cables.
  • Works for straight axle hubs (axle ratios lower than 70).
  • Fits a variety of chainrings.
  • The unit has one tool-less adjustment to reduce aero shift.
  • Fits a variety of radials.
  • Competitive pricing.


  • Idea of lock ring; this is not quite as useful as I would hope.
  • Rubbing of bearings amid the knurling is annoying.
  • Broken spacers are still available as a separate option.
  • Oversized bearings can be tough to fit.
  • Pressing resistance is actually quite low.

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Written by Mark Adams

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