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Product Review: Easton EA70 XCT MTB Rear Wheel 2013

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Finally, a durable, lightweight, UST compatible wheelset that you afford without selling the farm! Talk about trickle down technology: the EA70 XCT takes some of the best features of the more-expensive Easton tubeless mountain wheels (welded Easton aluminum rims, butted spokes, a generous 19-millimeter internal rim width and sealed cartridge bearings), all at an impressive value. Of course you can pick your poison and get the EA70 XCT in either 26- or 29-inch flavors, each is equipped with the advanced UST rim so you get to run your favorite tubeless and non-tubeless rubber. And the stealthy grey-on-black graphics will make any trail or XC bike look much meaner.

This wheelset is available in a wide array of axle configurations—the front wheel is available in 9×100-millimeter (standard QR) or 15×100-millimeter (QR15) and rear wheel is available in 10×135-millimeter (standard QR) or 12×135- or 12×142-millimeter—ensuring that any trail rider or cross-country racer can enjoy the EA70 XCT.

Easton EA70 XCT MTB Rear Wheel Specifications:

  • Wheel Sizes: Rear 26″
  • Finish: Black
  • Wheelset Weight: 1745gr (front & rear)
  • Rim Type: Tubeless and non-tubeless
  • Type: Clincher / Ust
  • Rim Material: Ea70 Xct Alloy, Welded
  • Internal Rim Width: 19mm
  • External Rim Width: 24mm
  • Spokes: Double Butted, Black
  • Rear Spoke Pattern: 24-3x

Easton EA70 XCT MTB Rear Wheel Review:

The Easton Ea70 Xct is the king among the downhill rims — and rightfully so. It’s really a great mid-range rim at the price-point, and it will suit many other disciplines as well. It’s really an underrated piece of equipment.

This well-constructed Euro-style stem offers high mass and decent stiffness, while it’s equipped with Easton’s latest Quick Release System. An ideal all-round growl of a stem.

Directly competing with the Brooks, Santa Cruz, and Giant brands’ highest-end bikes, the Easton Ea70 Xct is an excellent mountain bike affordable due to low price point, and wide tire size range. I’ve been riding this bike for years and I still consider it a great bike for the price. It is not the sleakest bike nor the choppiest. It’s stiff. But it’s also light weight. And it’s the same Price as the Brooks and Santa Cruz. No more $2,500 dollar bikes.

If I had to choose a bike to race, the Ea70 Xct would be no competition: It is faster, stronger, and way lighter. A bike designed for racing and not a show bike. And in addition to that, it is the most fun and most reliable bike I’ve ever ridden.

The Ea70 Xct is compatible with many tubeless wheels, and I highly suggest it to any MTBer that’s new to tubeless and ready to keep an open mind.

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The Easton Ea70 XctFront Gear Sizing chart:

Easton Ea70 Xct Base Tire Reviews:

I’ve been riding a 27”x 2.8 tire on this bike for years. (I like 26” tires on my bikes) I have seen several other bikes in the 30” range built around this tire size, and they still only manage to get a 2-pull and a no-pull average. No comparison except for the price.

Do not stay with a size smaller than what you think you need. Stick with what you already know works.

I’ve used tubeless tires on this bike, no problems. I’ve used cyclocross tires, and tubeless has been an issue. This is a great bike, I’ve ben riding it for over three years, and I’m easily handling anything more than a 4.6, which is the max speed I’ve ever handled. I have thought about upgrading to a 32” tire on this bike, but I’m afraid of the damage it would do to the geometry. As I don’t need a huge tire, I’m not afraid of going fast.

If the bike can handle a 26” tire as well as 26” tires that cost more, the bike is definitely worth 10x the asking price! I will give the TCX as the superlative bike. Bragging Rights! Get whichever ones you want from other brands, but you will never want to ride anything else.

Easton Ea70 Xct Base Tire Specifications:

  • Tire Size: 2.80″
  • Tire Pressure: 36mm, 66psi recommended
  • Component Type: Dual Compound
  • Tire Pressure: Rear: 80 psi, Front: 120 psi
  • Components Included: Rear derailleur hanger, front and rear cage, tubeless re-inforced tire, F/R rear derailleur hanger
  • Internal-to-External Tread Pattern: Profile

As stated above, the Easton Elite Disc series of rims already commands a huge price-point, and offers a wide selection of specs, including the latest and greatest in tubeless technology. Even though they fall under the 

various brands’ leading brands, they still have their own individual features and advantages, and even though they’re so heavily adopted it’s hard to tell which ones are more popular and which is more innovative.

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Even though the Ea70 Xcts are already equipped with a PF64 rim that simply is not offered by any other rim vendor, the Ea70 Xct Elite Discs offer a unique set of capabilities that are easily ignored. First of all, they’re the lightest rims that Easton has ever produced, and its not until you get closer than say, 18mm that you can really feel the difference. Second, they possess one of the most advanced GreaseTech seal technology that can be found in a tubeless rim. Finally, they are virtually tubeless compatible.

By the way, before you go to the trouble to run tubeless on any of these rims, I highly suggest you do it right—check out our tire choice, and look at the tire pressure recommendation. And be sure to check out our Easton MTB breaking point guide for more comprehensive information. It is when you go to the expense to tubeless that this is worth considering.

Easton EA70 XCT MTB Rear Wheel Review:

It’s not often you can tell the difference between a rocker link and cleat. As long as you can ride the bike without breaking a sweat, you can ride this bike.

Off course, this is not the bike for someone who’s just starting out, so I’ll also leave the price aside, and address your task ‘entirely’.

I have used this bike for years, and I would even say it’s one of the most reliable bikes I’ve ever used.

However, I have used a number of bikes (Allez, Eastwood, and Brooks are among them) and I can say that the Ea70 Xct Elite Discs are by far the best bikes I have ever used. You own a more expensive bike because you have a better bike.

For me, it’s like driving a Ferrari. I want to get the fastest, most expensive box coupes, but as long as they’re giving me a ride, I’ll take them. I also use my tougher, older BMWs, and they’re fantastic by far!

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Written by Mark Adams

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