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Product Review: FSA Energy Compact Wing Pro Bar

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Full Speed Ahead (FSA) produces world class bicycle components for road cycling, MTB, and Triathlon for World Tour teams, club riders and people who just love to ride their bikes. FSA has a long history in the sport of cycling and a strong heritage of innovation in design and manufacturing.


  • Double butted and tapered AL7050
  • 34mm Ergo fl at top
  • 120mm wide center round section makes it easy to mount accessories
  • Ø31.8mm x W380, 400, 420, 440mm(c-c)
  • 125mm drop, 80mm reach
  • 4° outward bend
  • Sandblasted black with polished black anodized
  • Color graphics

FSA Energy Compact Wing Pro Bar Review:

Review this new FSA Energy Compact handlebar and why it’s different, better

New FSA Energy Compact with a new and longer design and longer reach, a striking look to unify the bike at the expense of lower clamp performance.

It’s hard to place a name on the new FSA Energy Compact. They have their own unique visual design. It’s a newer version of the Energy Black SB Compact. The new design lacks the traditional hook, which is a favorite model. The bar can also be purchased with a stiff rear end or a more traditional curved shape. The final choice is yours to make.

Available in black, blue, red and grey with a silver finish. The bar is slightly longer, and it has an aluminum head on the bottom of the bar. It also has an aluminum node, so it fits with the traditional FSA head. The bar is a sleek look with the square shape. The folded head is small, and it’s reminiscent of the one used on the Energy Black SB. The bar is nice and fits the body nicely. It’s a striking looking bar.

The reduced distance forward of the bar is more than negligible. The FSA Energy Compact range is of lesser quality than earlier models, but it is still a high-quality product. It’s certainly very strong and comfortable. The bar gives a very strong feel from the moment you put it on. The fibers are firm, and they take a good bite. The bars do have some flex, but the clamps hold the bar tight. The FSA Energy Good Grips feature is implemented in this model. This means the bars are good at holding the bicycle but let go quickly when coming down the road.

It’s hard to explain just what this new FSA Energy Bar is. It’s so different looking. It’s not as affordable or as premium as the other bars. But, neither is it ugly. It’s simple to make sense of this new bar.

The bars are a simple but distinct look. They are black, but have the different looks of aluminum. There is a slight color variation on the bar that makes up the color design. The bar is about the size of an average tube rider’s bar. Again, it’s not as high quality as the older bars, but it’s a beautiful piece of bicycle engineering. It’s a very bold and clean piece of bicycle engineering. The bar is free of price tags, logos, and graphics. It’s pure FSA and very fair in price.

The new FSA Energy Bar is a joint between FSA and High Wire. The new bar is a blend of designs. It combines the shape of the energy bar with feature of the high speed bars. The fork is a bright black, and the handlebars are subtle white. Still, it has the energy bar look. It’s not a radical design, and it doesn’t look that new. It’s clean stylistic and traditional looking. It’s the bar of the future. It’s a bit of the past. It’s not the new FSA Bar.

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FSA Energy Pros:

  • High quality
  • Stays tight
  • Highlighted grip
  • Strong feel
  • Sturdy
  • Extremely long reach

FSA Energy Cons:

  • Not cheap
  • Lacks hook
  • Too long

FSA Feather Bar Review:

The FSA Feather is a feather bar system with four arms that have a subtly angled bottom-bracket. The drop is better than normal, and the width better than standard. The reach is the longest.

The FSA Feather just makes sense. Feather bars have a long history in the world of bike equipment, and brands, but few could make you feel the difference. The reason, once again, is in the look. You will notice immediately the difference, which is enough to make you look twice twice. The feather bar system looks cleaner and clearer. It’s not ugly. It’s not good, exactly. The Feather has more of a classic look. The system is a mix of Feather and Smooth Hammer designs but doesn’t have the high quality. They have a much better reach compared to a standard Feather bar. If you are used to using a Feather bar, you will have to adjust to the Feather Bar.

FSA feather bar is available in blue, black, red, and grey. It’s a very striking and fresh looking bar. The main parts of the bar are aluminum. On the top of the bar is a blue painted center section. On the bottom are the folded bars, and on the side are the folded edges. The bar is a bit wider than the average, and it has a few inches in between two small chunk of aluminum. It has a more modern look and definitely looks clean. The bars have extended out to the drop, and it’s a long reach. There is the usual black color on the bars. When you are closer to the basket, the bar is a bit more shallow with the aluminum peak. The Feather Bars are more similar to the Smooth Hammer Poog Bar when you are close to the basket. The bar has a very distinct look and has an elegant feel to it.

The Feather bar system has a unique longer reach at the bottom of the drop than previous Feather models. Now, the shorter reach is from the head to the center of the drop. The Feather Bar is a really long bar in a lot of other ways than just reach length. The bar also has a slight forward lean, and the effective length is longer than the reach at the bottom of the drop. The Feather Bar rises quickly, and it’s a lot to handle in the beginning. The size and the reach are a bit higher than most other Feather bars. The Feather Bar is easy to use, but it only has a slight feel and is very comfortable.

FSA Feather Pros:

  • Longer reach
  • Longer reach than most Feather designs
  • Comfortable
  • Nice look

FSA Feather Cons:

  • Not high quality
  • Not long range frame

FSA Hornet Bar Review:

The FSA Hornet is the first high-tech Feather Bar system. It’s a new bar that comes with many advantages. The bar is a classic looking Feather Bar design with a modern style and smart looks. It’s an advanced Feather Bar with many new features.

The FSA Hornet Bar comes in seven colors and features Hornet logos. The hornet bars are available in orange, black, red, and yellow in a choice of seven lengths and five head shapes. They are also available in diamond loop, which is a bit longer, and diamond diamond, which is a bit shorter. The short Diamond Diamond version is a bit less chrome, but more aluminum. The straight bar options are also available in red, white, and blue. The bar features a boost bar design, so it has a large tip and small radius. 

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Written by Mark Adams

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