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Product Review: Fulcrum Pair Wheels Racing 5 LG

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Fulcrum Pair Wheels Racing 5 LG

Designed with a slightly wider rim to accommodate 25c tyres

The rider can benefit from better comfort, better grip and slower tyre wear

Sealed high quality bearing ensure smoothness

The rear wheel now incorporates a single piece body which embodies the freewheel body and pawl carrier reducing the overall weight

Features Fulcrum’s 2:1 spoke ratio on the rear wheel; double the number of spokes on the drive side provides greater wheel stability and improved power transfer

Weight: Front 753g, rear 892g

Fulcrum Pair Wheels Racing 5 LG Review:

Sensei at the wheel — their gearbox is super smooth and powerful

The Fulcrum Racing 5 LG is from the same design but has a 14-hole gear shifter so the rider does not have to look for the right gear with a track bar. This allows a rider to direct the power coming from their feet as they want. The gear shifter is silver but mesh covered to minimize drag.

On the top of the Fulcrum Team Edition the addition of a 3-speed gearbox reduces the weight and allows easier shifting, by hand.

Racing 5 uses the same lightweight bearing found on the Fulcrum Team Edition; a new plunger pulley allows more exact shift-gear ratios which in turn results in increased precision. Another improvement is the increased pulllateral stiffness from the new plunger pulley design. The two shocks and the primary drive are rotated to find the optimum angle and the overall system “feels” smoother, yet the rider can still perform these duties flawlessly and efficiently.

This is a very slick piece of engineering and it is really easy to set up. They say it is the best piece of kit for practicing and testing. I could certainly understand that and think it is a very good thing for track days and races. It has been a while since I’ve used one of this type of wheels and I think it makes a very clean wheel and a very user friendly wheel.

Fulcrum Racing 5 Lg Review:


The Fulcrum Racing 5 LG is made in a single piece body to eliminate the outer trim rings and therefore adds less weight. This cuts the actual weight of the wheel by around 2g. It also has no chain guard, and no spokes or other weight revealed. Many users are confused at this and thought the wheel could be made with the traditional 3-hole gear shifter and spoke count we have become accustomed to, but the problem is that the 3-hole gear shifter is only there to gain weight, while the spokes and whole system of the wheel is still the same as most Mavic wheels.

The Fulcrum Racing 5 LG is powered by a sealed, high-quality MT600 bearing. Its profile is optimized for all riders and have the same weight as a regular racing yoke. The Fulcrum Racing 5 LG is painted with the same IPX7 quality as most other MT Bike shoes.

The Fulcrum Racing 5 LG has a characteristic look which says “Play-it-hard—harder”. I found the first run the Fulcrum Racing 5 LG was very smooth and quiet, and when the air pressure was released the wheels latch into the gears very quickly. The fact that the wheels have a very light feel also means they are very easy to ride.

I rode this wheel on a range of roads and trails and found it held very well and held an aggressive slow-speed positioning.

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New design

For 2017 the Fulcrum Racing 5 continues with the motorcycle design of the previous years (but with a different color scheme). There are four versions available, the Sport, Team, Team Race 5 and Team Race 5-GT. They feature Fulcrum’s 2:1 spoke ratio, double the number of spokes on the drive side provides greater wheel stability and improved power transfer. The Fulcrum Racing 5 LG features the Fulcrum’s 2:1 spoke ratio, double the number of spokes on the drive side provides greater wheel stability and improved power transfer.

The Fulcrum Racing 5 Team Race 5 GT is the same as the Team and Race 5 but with a red rims and a gold GT logo on the side.

Geared to the original requirements required by the professional racers

The Fulcrum Racing 5 features the combination of the wheel’s geometry, bearings, and the new triple-sealed Fulcrum MT600 MTB bearing. The result is a wheel that provides enough stability and control at high speed, yet is suitable for racing offroad, as well as for quick-response and even cruising. The Fulcrum Comparison Series has won many races, including the World Championship Trail Bike Racing Series in 2017 and 2018. The result is a bug and clutchless gear-shift system.

The Fulcrum Racing 5 Wheel is designed like a racing machine for maximum power transfer: a precise 2:1 spoke wheel with double the number of spokes, quadruple the number of spokes on the drive side and a wider width. But the high-performance Mavic Fulcrum Racing 5 Wheels also reduce weight and increase the comfort level and rider feedback. At the same time its new double-pivot Fulcrum Racing Syndicate Z-AXIS lowers the center of gravity and significantly reduces wheelie forces, allowing the rider to achieve a very smooth and comfortable pedal position. Try one for yourself and you will definitely understand.

More than 2 million Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels have been used during professional sports events.

Designed for dedicated racing, racing offroad and touring/long distance hiking

The Fulcrum Racing 5 is designed for racing, racing offroad, touring or for long distance hiking.

The Fulcrum Racing 5 is tuned for maximum traction during racing and racing offroad. Its front and rear suspensions are like no other MTB wheel of the past; its double-pivot, with axle ratio of 2:1 and double-wider run diameter of 27.2 cm (10.7 inches) deliver maximum braking power. Fitted with Fulcrum Racing Syndicate Z-Axis single pivot aluminium shock absorbers, the Metal Race 5 wheels create excellent wheel-to-body contact which combines with the fulcrum/syndicate ball-joints, Fulcrum Black Speed bearings and Fulcrum’s new MT 600 Pellon Technology Bearing. The result is improved control, pedal feedback and power transfer.The result is that a rider has more control and power boost.

 The fulcrum/syndicate ball-joints allow a greater connection with the closed rear wheel hub for maximum strength and traction.The MT 600 Pellon Technology Bearing with double-layer technology provides the best compromise between weight and heat dissipation in the market. It is also faster at RPM; faster rear cooling and more quickly maintains good contact with the tyre. The use of the ‘Pilling’ technology brake system offers a load-bearing addition to the fulcrum-bearing for a higher speed and a more reliable braking system. It has a higher load bearing compared to any other bearing. 

The result is the best combination between durability, performance, and benefit of use compared to any other bearing. The Fulcrum Power Face 3D NR bearing offers a double strengthened double layer which eliminates the risk of brake failure due to heat and loosening. As a result, a rider can take more dramatic braking in a race, but if he brakes unexpectedly and drops off the wheel, it should not happen.

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Written by Mark Adams

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