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Product Review: Giro Rumble VR MTB SPD Shoes

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Giro’s Rumble VR MTB SPD Shoes are a versatile option that let you combine the functionality of a mountain bike shoe with the comfort of a light hiking shoe.

Grippy Vibram Sole

The Vibram® sole delivers the perfect amount of stiffness for power transfer, yet is supple to provide the flexibility and durability that is required for walking. Clipless compatibility allows you to use two bolt cleat systems, whilst the Vibram® sole provides unrivalled grip, for riding with flat pedals. A high-quality synthetic upper is both comfortable and breathable with the lace closure system allowing you to achieve a highly customised fit.


Please Note: Snug fit. Going up half a size from normal shoe size is suggested

  • Comfortable, durable and breathable upper
  • Vibram® sole provides high levels of grip
  • Injected inner shank provides the stiffness needed to transfer power to the pedals
  • Lace closure allows a highly customisable fit
  • Weight: 850g (Pair, size EUR 42.5)

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Giro Rumble VR MTB SPD Shoes Review:

Giro Rumble VR Shoes are a comfortable mountain bike shoe that give better performance than most cheaper models. They drain water exceptionally well which is a major advantage for riding in wet conditions. On the bike, the joy of having SPD compatible soles for pedaling and excellent tread is hard to beat. On the trail, the tread is as equally good off the bike as the MTB packaging. In short, excellent performance and comfort that is highly recommended.

Giro Rumble vs SPD vs Approach:

Very comfortable like a shoe with nice heel pocket, durable and non restrictive. After riding with the shoes and then hiking in them, my feet did not get sore. The tread on the bottom of the sole is still in great shape for over 6 months now. The shoes are just as comfortable in the winter riding in snow and ice as they are in the water and mud. The trail running shoes outperformed the the SPD shoes in the mud and wet but the trail runners did not climb nearly as well on the bike.

Review: Giro Rumble VR MTB SPD Shoes

“I have been using these shoes for MTB, hiking, and general walking for about 6 months now. They are very comfortable for all of these applications.

This shoe looks great on the bike and off the bike. I often find that when riding in a full shoe like this I fit into trails better and my ankle protection and comfort is better. I have used the trail running shoes and they climb better, but are very uncomfortable walking. The instability of the shoe can be easily corrected by using a footbed.

These shoes are also great for climbing as the heel counter allows for your toes to grip the rock easily and allows you to go up technical terrain. I started using these shoes by not using the power strap but I have been using them now for some time and I really like the way it feels when I have the strap on. The only real thing I do not like is the webbed strap that is on the front of the shoe. When you have the shoe on and it is buckled it rubs the top of your foot with every step you take. It’s easily remedied by cutting it off.

These shoes work great in wet and muddy conditions. I have been caught out in many rain storms and had to walk through wet grass and mud many times and the water drains out these shoes very well. They also proved to be very durable even using them for hiking and walking on trails even on sharp rocks.

These shoes work great for hiking with no cleats on and work even better with them on. They are not the best shoe for this in wet conditions because of the lack of tread as when wet the traction suffers. I have used these shoes hiking on much longer and much more arduous hikes as well compared to the trail runners.

Overall these shoes are great and I would recommend them to anybody who asks. They are a very versatile shoe and work great for many different applications. Thanks for reading.”

Sizing Questions: Size 42.5 fits just right. Does not have the Black Look of the Black Rumble with Green Laces.

After riding these shoes over 50 times I have found they wear very well. The soles are actually very far from worn out and are just where they should be. The rubber has softened up so much that I have to use hiking shoes to get the same stiffness I got when the shoes were new. Riding in these shoes off the bike is one of the most comfortable shoes I own and just breaking them in is the best way to put them to use for biking.

The shoe is very thick and I have used it in mud, water and snow and the shoe did fine in dirty snow and water, however the shoe did not drain water as well as it could and mud was a sticky mess. You will need to wash the shoes, a pressure washer is best, but any water source will work. It will take a long time for them to dry.

If you are looking for a high performance bike shoe with typical mountain bike styling, useful as a hiking shoe and the ability to be used in extreme conditions, you will be amazed at the comfort and fit of this shoe. If you are looking for a product that is lightweight, that wicks water, drains water, inflates as a flotation device, has a dry fit sock, the VR would not be the shoe for you.

The Rumble VR is absolutely one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. The comfort comes from the thick sole which is very rigid.

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Written by Mark Adams

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