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Product Review: Schwalbe Lugano Bike Tyre (K-Guard)

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This Lugano road bike tyre gives you the road riding performance you need at a budget-friendly price. Schwalbe has enhanced the puncture protection of this tyre by adding its K-Guard belt so you can ride over poor road surfaces and rougher ground with more confidence. A tough and reliable choice for training or racing use, you’ll enjoy consistent grip and protection from punctures on every ride.


  • Tyre Type: Clincher
  • Bead Type: Wire
  • Compound: Silica
  • Casing: 50 tpi
  • Puncture Protection: K-Guard
  • Skin: Lite
  • Tubeless Compatible: No
  • Profile: HS471
  • Pressure: 85-130 psi
  • Maximum Load: 65kg
  • Weight: 355g (wire 23c)

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Schwalbe Lugano Tire Review:

I bought the Schwalbe Lugano tires just slightly over a year ago back in February of 2017, replacing my standard Schwalbe ZX tyre which I have been using for the last seven years. I had to replace them as the Schwalbe ZX tyres which were up to 80 grams lighter than the Lugano tyres (485g vs 535g) were no longer in production. They cost around £22+ per tyre, compared to the Lugano at £13 inclusive of VAT. I didn’t think too much about my replacement tyres, I went for the most reasonably priced tyres which I could find, and that was the Schwalbe Lugano.

The Schwalbe Lugano tyres are suitable for all weather conditions and can be used on the road as well as on cycle paths and in light trails. They have a wire bead and a 120tpi casing, which means that they are spin on wire-bead tyres that are made by Schwalbe. The 24c versions of this tyre weigh between around 470 grams and 535 grams. The 40c versions weigh between 545 grams and 605 grams. There is also a tyre for the rear wheel with the same name, the Lugano tyre. This has a sidewall height of 50mm and is 460 grams. There are also fenders made for the Schwalbe Lugano tyres which are compatible with both the 20C and the 24c versions.

There are a range of sizes available for these tyres, but I ordered a pair of these in the 23c size. I already have tyres that are 700×28 (28″x1.10), so I went for the 700x25c, and the tyres I ordered were the black/black version. Here’s a picture of them before I fitted them to my bike.

The tyres were extremely easy to fit, I did it myself, and the whole process took a total of 20 minutes. They look and feel strong, and they are fully up to the job they are designed to do. It is nice to see that a tyre can last for up to ten years with very little attention, and I believe that this is a sign of a decent tyre that holds up really well.

I am a keen road cyclist, and to ensure I got the maximum performance from my Schwalbe Lugano tyres, I inflated them to around 80 psi, by using an Avenir air compressor. You should not inflate them any more than 85 psi. I am in no doubt that these are going to save me money, with the replacement of inner tubes and puncture repair kits. It was only recently December 2017 that I had to repair a puncture with a puncture repair kit when a piece of broken glass became embedded in my tyre. 

My Test of the Schwalbe Lugano Tyres

My most recent test of the Schwalbe Lugano tyres was in December. I have ridden these tyres many times, and they are my go to trainer tyres. They are ideal for riding in not so great weather due to the fact that they are durable and they will never puncture. I’ve ridden in wind, rain and atrocious weather such as tonight, when it’s been snowing, and they are still in great condition.

The test I put these tyres through was fairly extreme, as they were going in for a ride at night. I wanted to see how well they would cope with low light levels and freezing cold conditions, but they performed brilliantly. The roads had been gritted overnight, and the temperatures were in the region of between 3C and 5C, with occasional snow flurries. I started my ride at 7.40pm and I decided to do an out and back trip of 15 miles. I ride my Whippet Roadster from my home through to nearby Rotherham. I love riding through to Rotherham in the dark as there are not so many street lights, and it just feels more atmospheric. The roads were quiet, and the route I took was primarily quiet rural roads. For around three miles I was riding towards the Godfrey on my ride out. It was great to see them sparkling in the darkness. I kept my speed at a steady pace, and by the time I got back to Rotherham, I had clocked up 14.2 miles in a time of 56 minutes 22 seconds. I had averaged a speed of 19.2 mph.

It was a great ride out, and I was impressed with how fast I was able to ride. Normally I would have felt a lot colder, as I had my arm warmers on, but with these tyres I was able to cope with the cold a lot easier. If I ever need to, I will use the puncture repair kit on the tyre to repair a puncture, but I hope that I will be able answer the question ‘does the Schwalbe Lugano tyre really work?’ by never having to use it! I will carry on riding these tyres well into the future. I recently purchased two more sets of them, so I have got more than one set for each of my bikes now, and I am keen to see how many miles I can clock up on them. If you have any questions about the Schwalbe Lugano Tyre, or you would like to leave some feedback, please leave a comment below!

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Written by Mark Adams

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