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2020’s Top 5 Roof Racks for Mountain Bikes

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We’ve compiled this list of 5 sturdy, easy to install and use roof racks that will make traveling with your bike easy. Check out the recommendations for each rack below.

Cycling Deal 1 Bike Roof Rack

This product was recommended by Tim Bigknee from SightsAndInsights

The Cycling Deal 1 bike roof rack is an excellent mountain bike roof rack. It’s easy to install and securely hold a mountain bike in place. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another roof rack for the same price that is as good a quality.

SeaSucker Talon Single Bike Rack

This product was recommended by Torben Lonne from DIVEIN

The Talon Single Bike Rack by SeaSucker is a unique bike rack that uses vacuum suction cups to secure the bike on top of your car. The cups have a pull rating of over 220 pounds each, so the SeaSucker is a lot stronger than it looks. Even though it’s a bit pricey for a single bike roof rack, it’s portability and lightweight are what make it really shine. The whole bike rack kit can fit in your backpack, making it a great choice for both amateur and professional bikers that travel often. The SeaSucker is also 100% made in the US, and are hand made to ensure premium quality standards.

Thule T2 Series Bike Carriers

This product was recommended by Vincent Wu from TDot Performance

The Thule Universal T2 Hitch Bike Rack brings maximum frame protection for your bikes. This unparalleled bike rack is available with a platform that loads fast with very little lifting. It also features a SecureHook with integrated cable lock. The SecureHook fastens the bike without creating frame contact.

Thule UpRide Roof Mounted Bike Rack

This product was recommended by Vincent Wu from TDot Performance

If you are looking for a bike rack that is versatile enough to accommodate non-traditional frame designs of bikes, the Thule UpRide Roof Bike Racks is a great choice for you. Not only does it feature a versatile design, but it also doesn’t allow the bike to make contact with the frame as it has a hook that can securely grab the front of the wheel of the bike. This rack is very customer-friendly as there’s capability to move the carrier from one side of the car to the other rather than needed to go around the vehicle.

Yakima HoldUp EVO Hitch Bike Rack

This product was recommended by Vincent Wu from TDot Performance

The Yakima HoldUp EVO is a hitch mounted multi bike carrier engineered to safely transport different bike types such as mountain bikes and fat bikes. These carriers integrate the StrongArm Hooks to produce an appropriate grip to your bike’s front wheels. Your bike’s frame is never in contact with the carrier so you can be certain that your paintjob won’t get any scratches or marks. Wheel cradles with tightening straps accommodate and fasten the bike’s rear wheels in place.

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