An Ultimate Guide To Best Caving Torch

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When it comes down to extreme caving or spelunking your life can literally depend on your flashlight. Going underground and exploring new depths requires a flashlight or headlamp that can withstand the test. The best caving light features a hands-free carrying option, has multiple light outputs and has more than 10 hours of runtime. Sometimes in a cave, you will need to use both hands to climb or crawl through a passage and having a hands-free light option can be essential! Moreover, there are times when you are underground that you will want a high light output of 600 lumens or more to see down a hole or further in the distance. But there are small rooms and areas underground where anything more than 50 lumens can be blinding. Optionally, flashlights with red LEDs prevent excessive strain on your eyes after being in the dark for several hours.

What is a Caving Torch?

The best caving flashlight is a head lamp that has a hands free option. Having the light attached to your head gives you both hands-free light or flexibility to set your light down if you need both hands for a task.

A caving helmet is a headlamp with three or four light settings. A caving helmet runs on triple A batteries, which are the most common batteries you can get in international countries, because they are used in electronics like battery operated radios. Conversely, AA batteries are used in flashlights and cameras. So, those of you out there planning a caving trip that will take you to remote areas and seeking out new experiences, hiking through jungles, will want to get rechargeable batteries and take a solar powered charger on your outing. Remember that to recharge your batteries, you will need to have a reliable source of light such as a camp fire or kerosene lamp.

Why Do You Need A Caving Torch?

During any adventure, however big or small it may be, a good light is indispensable. You want to see what you’re working on, where you go and where any danger might come from. A low hanging branch or a small post suddenly appearing from the dark are easily missed. It’s good to be prepared for that. It is even better to keep your hands free at the same time, so that you can read a map, repair your car or pitch your tent.

What Are Your Options In Caving Torches?

Take a look at the following options when deciding on the best caving torch for your needs.

batteries do run out in flashlights, but they always seem to be around again when you need them. And for those of us that hate the fact that our torches are permanently attached to us, be assured that there is a hands free option for your caving flashlight.

Then, you have the choice of what you’d like to see with your light. It’s not always necessary to see things clearly, so you may want to have the option of attaching a red light. The human eye can only see red light while it rests to 1m, so it is best to look down a hole or if you want to do a little night fishing. Red light doesn’t leave your eyes sensitive to light, so once you’re back in the light, you won’t need to close them, because they feel as though they have sand in them.

What Should You Look For In A Caving Torch?

There are several things you should consider when picking the best caving torch (caving lamp).


Runtime is probably the most important feature of a headlamp. A 15 minute adventure through a cave can leave you lost and desperate, because your torch died on you. The best caving headlamp has a runtime of around 10 hours. This is about how long it takes to recharge your batteries depending on the intensity of light you use. As a bonus, you can also find extra recharging options for more than one battery. So you can have one battery in your torch while charging the other one.

Durable Design

The best caving torches will have a firmer design, so that the weight of the batteries and light aren’t too much for your head. Every headlamp manufacturer offers several headlamp sizes and dimensions for your convenience.


Lumens is the technical term for the brightness of the light. Most people tend to use lumens to compare how bright the light is though there are manufacturers that use candelas (a unit of luminous intensity) for that purpose. If you’re not into technical stuff, then it’s safe to assume that the more lumens your light has, the brighter it shines.

Having a light that has then you can see the full extent of your surroundings and judge your surroundings far better than a 60 lumen light.


The weight of your headlamp isn’t very important. However, a heavier torch tends to be cheaper, so you’re paying for the light with your own sanity and health. Your health will suffer from a heavy torch that weighs down on your neck and shoulders. You’ll eventually have to take it off because it will hurt so much, if not force you to stay in the light for longer periods, which will expose you to a greater danger (hypothermia, dehydration). A lighter torch can last longer because the weight of the batteries won’t drag it down as far.

Charging options

Rechargeable batteries are flexible and will serve you well during games and outdoor adventures. This is only recommended if you have a reliable source of light and power like a dynamo lighting kit. An adapter that recharges batteries can also do the trick, though this comes with the risk of getting a faulty adapter. Make sure you have a warranty on your headlamp if this is the case.


As we said before, you want a headlamp that fits you and your needs. There are goggle straps as well as headbands to ensure your comfort on those hot, oppressively humid days in the jungle. Or if you’re just scuba diving and are concerned about your headpiece not getting damaged or catching on something in the water.

One may fit in better than the other, but it is a question of personal preference. Try out both and decide which is best for you.

Length of run time

Depending on what you’re doing underground, you’ll need the right amount of light. A cave diving headlamp must have a good rechargeable function with long-lasting and bright light. You may also want to get a LED headlamp that gives you the option of different lumen settings, so you can use whatever amount of light you need, no matter where you are.

Princeton Tec Apex LED Headlamp

This product was recommended by Lukas from Military 1st

Encased in a waterproof casing, the Apex LED Headlamp from Princeton Tec is ideal for caving but also other outdoor activities like camping and hiking. Powered by 4x AA alkaline batteries (included) or rechargeable NiMH batteries, it weighs just 9.84oz (279g) and offers 350-lumen brightness and burn time of up to 200hrs. This headlamp has five modes, from high to low and flash, two beam patterns and a beam length of up to 120m. Moreover, it features battery power meter and Heatsink technology which prevents overheating. UL Safety Rating Approved.

PETZL – Tikka Headlamp

This product was recommended by Noman Asghar from Fan Jackets

Tikka Headlamp is an effective gear for caving. It has a bright beam light that provide day light in the dark night. It comes with white and red light and has a very good rechargeable battery that runs for a longer time.

Zebralight H600Fw MKIV

This product was recommended by Catriona Jasica from Best Marketing Seo

As a novice caver myself, I wanted to experience a generous amount of caving before engaging in a $400 investment. The Zebralight offers the best value for money; this one will never disappoint you. The fact that Zebralight gets so close at a fraction of the cost, it’s mind-boggling. Zebralight is Unbeatable Zebralight transcends many premium brands I durability and runtime. So, if you are worried about investing your money, just know that this one is never going to disappoint you. It offers immense output for a lamp and light in weight too! If you are investing in a powerful 18650 battery and the charger pack, you’re sorted for life.


This product was recommended by Ana Levinta from Business Travel Review

If you are searching for the brightest light on the market for your caving activities, this is it. This is one of the brightest lights you can find on the market, having an output of 2300 lumens operating on a single battery. With this one you can broaden your field of view and enjoy maximum visibility. The OLIGHT H2R is not just a headlight. It can be a pocket light, a head lamp, or you can use it as a handheld flashlight. It comes with a detachable head strap and a pocket clip, so you have three ways of using it, which makes it versatile and handy in certain situations.

Be creative and attach it to a backpack strap, a pocket, a belt, or even magnetically attach it to a car, as it has magnets on it. The maximum beam distance is 153 meters (around 501 feet), and the battery can last up to 45 days. The 3000 mAh 18650 battery is rechargeable, and it comes with a magnetic USB charging cable. The OLIGHT is also IPX8 water resistant, meaning that you don’t have to worry about rain, snow, or random splashes of water.

This light adapts its brightness gradually to protect your eyes from being exposed to a very powerful light at one. When you turn it on and off, or when you switch between the modes, it will gradually fade or increase its brightness. You probably won’t need to constantly use the maximum brightness power at 2300 lumens, but on the 600-lumen setting, it will last you 2.5 hours, while on the 150-lumen setting, you will get 10 hours.


· High-quality materials

· Easy to use · Versatile light

· Very bright light at maximum power

· Easy to charge


· Pricy

· It gets hot if used in turbo mode for a few minutes

Nitecore HC60 1000 Lumen USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp

This product was recommended by Ana Levinta from Business Travel Review

This head lamp falls somewhere in the middle in terms of price and power but is still high-quality in terms of materials used and power output. At 1000 lumens, it does a great job in any environment and, as the beam distance reaches 128 yards, and it can rotate 90 degrees. The light is neutral, and more natural compared to similar head lamps, and you can choose between five modes.

It is also both water-resistant and impact-resistant, so don’t worry about dropping it from time to time, as long as you don’t drop it from more than 1.5 meters (4 feet). Rain or water splashes are not a problem either, so this one is perfect for caving and exploring different terrains. It has a 3400 mAh battery (rechargeable), and you get a USB cable in the box as well. It features smart charging, meaning that when the battery is fully charged, it automatically stops charging to prevent battery drainage.


· High-quality head lamp

· Bright and neutral light

· 128 yards beam distance

· Water-resistant & shock-resistant

· Smart charging


· The nylon head strap is not high-quality

· The charging port isn’t easy to access

Soft Digits Headlamp Flashlight

This product was recommended by Ana Levinta from Business Travel Review

This lightweight headlamp is pretty powerful, having an output of maximum 1000 lumens. When you need your hands free, this is exactly the kind of light you should search for. It provides a wide beam that can reach between 200-500 meters (656-1640 feet), and it has two types of lights: main and side. It also features 8 different lighting modes, including a red light and an SOS light, and the head can rotate 45 degrees.

You also have a handy motion sensor setting that turns it on or off when is senses any kind of motion. It is water-resistant, so rain, snow, or humidity won’t affect its performance. You also have up to 6 hours of usage, and the battery is rechargeable – you can charge it via the USB cable that it comes with. The price is low, so if you are on a budget or you don’t want to spend a lot on a head lamp, this is perfect for beginners, or those who don’t need extra features, but would rather stick with the basics.


· Low-priced

· Bright light

· Up to 1640 feet beam distance

· 8 lighting modes

· It rotates 45 degrees

· Motion sensor setting


· The materials are not very high-quality

· You have to cycle through all modes to turn it off

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