Practical Safety Gadgets for the Snow Sport Enthusiast

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When it comes to extreme sports, several things provide assistance and security to enthusiasts. The same is true of snow sports, though most stuff after the required gear is non-essential. Below, we discuss some unique gadgets that snow sports lovers can enjoy for various reasons outside of safety.

Boot Dryer

Regardless of activity specifics, a boot dryer is a great safety gadget for every snow sports enthusiast. Most of them travel well, so if you have the space in your vacation space or travel companion, go ahead and pack it when you pack your other sports gear.

Every snow sport athlete can relate to the dread of putting on wet socks or boots, so having a boot dryer can help speed up the drying process and provide you with a warm, fresh set each time you hit the snow. When temperatures become extreme, or your feet get wet, having a boot dryer can lend a helping hand in elevating the temperature of your feet and, ultimately, your body. Boot dryers keep frostbite at bay!

Satellite Walkie-Talkies

Almost every snow sports enthusiast understands what it’s like to be unable to communicate on the trails. Investing in satellite walkie-talkies can mitigate these issues and give everyone a unique experience.

You can explore individually, in teams, or pair off and use the walkie-talkies to plan, plot, or chat back and forth. These also make for great safety devices in the event of an emergency. One person can signal for help, and the others can respond and react.

Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Hands and feet get cold—that’s the name of the game. Investing in a rechargeable hand warmer can save you tons of money and trips to the convenience store for single-use hand warmers. This may also serve you on longer trips in the snow and provide the ability to share without the handwarmer losing its stamina altogether. For similar purposes to the boot dryer, a rechargeable handwarmer could be the difference between frostbite and an enjoyable experience.

GPS Smartwatch

A GPS smartwatch is an incredibly useful gadget that all snow sports enthusiasts can enjoy. These assist you in times of dire need, when signals are scarce, or when you’re seeking new routes on a snowmobile ride. These are also one of the best ways to predict potential terrain demands and can aid in your overall safety while reading the various terrains.

Portable Air Bag

A portable airbag is incredibly unique but valuable in the event of an emergency. You can never be too prepared for your snow-filled activities, so having one of these handy may save a life for you, a friend, or someone out in the snow. When the airbag is not needed, you can use the bag as a travel tote to carry things to your campsite, mountain trails, or other. The two-fold aspect of a portable airbag makes this a must-have safety gadget for every snow sports enthusiast.

Written by Kevin O'Neill

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