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Product Review: Altura Mayhem Waterproof Jacket

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Altura Mayhem Waterproof Jacket Designed for the UK mountain biker the Mayhem is a great all rounder, available in a selection of striking colours. KEY FEATURES: – Waterproof, durable and highly breathable soft touch 2 layer fabric with mesh liner – Removable hood with front mounted sliders for structure and stability – Internal storm flap, Velcro wrist closures and draw cord hem – 100% Polyester – Breathability rating 15,000

Altura Mayhem Waterproof Jacket Review:

Altura Mayhem Jacket may be one of the best jackets I have used in a while. I like the unique velcro wrist closures which helps to keep warm when the wind is blowing very strongly. The logo on the jacket is also very unique. As a fan of bikes I always look at quality on the outside of any product. The Altura Mayhem is a great looking and high quality jacket.

Altura Mayhem for Beginners:

Removing the inside fabric of this jacket, I can now see how well the design has been thought through. The front sliders are easily removable for washing, or if you just want to refresh the jacket. The front sliders are made from tough nylon.

Overall with this jacket I have no qualms about wearing it in the rain, sun or any other weather conditions. During this jacket review I have ridden a distance of around 50 miles, and on my journey I did get it wet just a little. Other than that, the jacket hasn’t been affected by the water at all. It hasn’t ripped or has anything especially badly done. The fact that the jacket has moved with my riding is really impressive. I didn’t have to use the inside liner as well and by just removing the front sliders really left me completely dry.

The overall design of the jacket is very bold and eye catching, which makes it very good value for money. Altura has provided accessories such as a rear pad that you can purchase separately, which is really a very good move and I thought was a brilliant idea. However, despite the fact that the jacket has batteries on it, I didn’t feel the need to put any batteries on the inside, which really is a major disappointment in my opinion. Altura really could of bundled this pack in the jacket.

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Altura Mayhem Jacket: All-Rounder

Altura Mayhem Jacket is a fantastic jacket for the price it is offered at. The Mayhem has so much to offer you that its hard to actually find a point that it lacks. The jacket is fast, breathable, and versatile. Altura has kept the detailed cut quite simple to make sure that the jacket is versatile and won’t wear too quickly. This jacket is probably one of the most versatile in its price range. It made me believe that a jacket with this many features, does not come at this price. The mesh lining is great, and on a sunny day the mesh will keep you extremely comfortable. The front sliders make it a little easier to wear the jacket. Altura Mayhem jacket has a couple of design flaws, but they are not game-changing flaws. The jacket isn’t waterproof and the Gore-Tex lining isn’t breathable. If you have the money then I think Altura Mayhem outshines any of the other competitors. I think that the Altura Mayhem is the only jacket I will ever wear again.

Best Altura Mayhem Jacket Features

There are a few features that Altura have done to the Mayhem that set it apart. I am no expert on the Mayhem but as a casual mountain biker I can only say that Altura have done a very good job by offering the Mayhem as a versatile jacket. Before I went downhill I had to deal with a few things. I have a large hoody, and this jacket was the most and easy to put on. The Mayhem has a quick and easy adjust velcro sleeve for sleeves. The jacket also has a customisable hood. The manufacturer could of launched a new series of the Mayhem if they had added this feature. The Hypo-allergenic fabric on the Mayhem is also very good.

Alternatives to Altura Mayhem Jacket

There are some alternatives to the Mayhem that Altura have other designs. The Altura Bonanza Jacket isn’t as stylish as the Mayhem. The Bonanza Jacket is made of 420T Nylon which is a lower quality material which is less breathable and as a result it is not as fast drying as a Mayhem. You can find the Bonanza Jacket on Amazon for 649 pounds.

Overall I am a fan of the Mayhem and I think it can be both expensive and at the same time very good value for money. The Altura Mayhem is a great jacket that gives you a lot for your money and has quite a blend of features which makes it a great jacket. I think this jacket will become a new standard for mountain biking as it is one of the very best jackets you can probably get at this price.

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Written by Mark Adams

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Product Review: Altura Mayhem Waterproof Jacket

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