Product Review: H Plus Son Archetype Road Rim

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The Archetype Road Rim is the perfect all-rounder from H Plus Son. Weighing in at 470g, this rim is light but does not lack in strength, stiffness or stability. The modern 23mm wide rim profile gives the tyre its full traction capability, providing exceptional grip and stability even when leaning far over into corners. The construction and machining quality is evident on every rim H Plus Son create and they look as excellent and stylish as they perform.

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  • Braking Surface: Machined
  • Material: G609 Alloy
  • Height: 25mm
  • Width: 23mm
  • Size: 700c
  • Joint: Welded
  • ERD: 595mm
  • Weight: 470g

H plus Son Archetype Review

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The 23 mm wide rim profile is perfect for the road and is a good compromise between tyre size and build, with the high spoke count reducing any tendency to miss-align during hard riding. The Archetype is stiff and you can really feel the difference on small bumpy surfaces, it provides a smooth ride even over the craggiest country tracks. Climbs are transferred to the wheel really well and as a result this rim is really efficient at transferring power.

Overall, I really like this rim and would happily use them on my road bike. Other than the mentioned issue I haven’t found anything better for the price. As for the issue of rim flex it is really only noticeable in the worst conditions and as I said this could be due to uneven rim pressure. Other than that I can still highly recommend this rim to anybody thinking of giving tubeless a try, it will look great without any hassle and will perform brilliantly.

I highly recommend the archetypes for anyone looking at tubeless set ups.


If you are looking to run these rims tubeless without rim tape you will need to buy the same size rim as you used to fit the tyres with inner tubes.

Tubeless use

I have found using the tubeless setup increases responsiveness and makes the ride a bit grippier though the ride can be a little harsher than with tubes. H plus son simple tubeless kit can be used with these rims and was a great setup for me, perhaps I would have gone for the hardcore kit if I wasn’t running tubeless but no real issues with punctures or sealing.

As was said in the review above, the 23mm wide rim profile is a good compromise between tyre size and build.


Great looking, so many colour options

Saw a review saying this wheel is stiff enough for the bad weather, not sure how that works though and how an aluminum wheel can do that, if that review is true, it must be tough.

Some of the colour options of the archetype include: black, white, gold, raw, and blue

As with the review above stated rim tape is needed for tubeless use.

I rode on this wheel on and off road, it performed better on the road. On the grass the hub starts to whine and it becomes slightly skiddish, so you need to watch your speed.

H+S Archetype 23 rim review thoughts

The H+S Archetype 23 rim is an excellent lightweight wheel for the value and price, though it is not the most spoke-stiffest or lightest alloy road rim, it certainly is made with style and value in mind. By H+S I am referring to their new brand H Plus Son, which is the same manufacturer who produces the excellent H+Son Archetype rim reviewed above. The Archetype Road Rim is a new model in the Archetype lineup, a 23mm wide rim with a tubeless ready profile. Weight with the bead rim is a very light 470 grams.

Overall, I’m pleased with this rim. It’s easy to mount a tubeless tire, stiff, lightweight, affordable, and the finish is superb. One nice thing I noticed is how much faster the Archetype Road Rim is accelerating compared to the rims it replaced. It’s not quite the fastest powder coated rim out there, it’s a hell of a great deal.

After running tubeless for a while I am really glad I made the change. Running tubeless is about saving weight and at the same time adding comfort to your ride and I’ve found it to be a great experience going tubeless on the archetypes. Tubeless conversion on this rim is a piece of cake, all you need some Stan’s solution and a floor pump to do the job.

The archetypes are currently on my road bike and they work well in every condition, it’s a bit more harsh ride than riding with tubes, but with the awesome grip you get with tubeless you won’t feel it. I don’t do too many long rides on these rims yet, but either way I would highly recommend these rims to anyone looking for a tubeless ready rims.

H+S Archetype 23 rim review getting our score of 9/10 for style, affordable, great construction, lightweight, and the highest quality of the H+S Archetype rim line up, the low spoke count, and tubeless conversion.

They are a tubeless wheel set and require rim tape for a clean professional tubeless conversion, the H+S Archetype 23 can be used without rim tape at your own risk.

The H+S Archetype 23 Rim is another in the lineup of one of the best value wheelsets on the market.

If you’re looking for a great tubeless capable road rim with high end durable 6066 aluminum, this rim is one to seriously consider.

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What color is H+S Archetype 23?

The Archetype 22 rim worldwide is offered in black with polished or anodized sidewalls and Sapim CX Ray spokes. The Archetype 23 is available in black or gunmetal color with silver or orange anodized sidewall, and Sapim CX Ray spokes.

Archetype 23 review: What you need to know The Archetype 23 is a tubeless ready deep 23mm wide road rim from H+S, this rim is a fresh perspective on the current trend for wider and somewhat lighter road wheels. After having ridden these rims, I can honestly say that they are much stiffer than the wheels they are replacing. 

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