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Product Review: Lezyne Power GPS

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The Power GPS is a robust cycling computer which will sync with Bluetooth® Smart enabled iOS and Android devices. Once paired, the Power GPS will display incoming texts, emails and calls. Now cyclists can conveniently stay updated and connected while out on a ride.

A large, sharp display shows up to four data fields, with the bottom field formatted for auto scrolling or manual navigation. Accurate and reliable ride details are displayed courtesy of an advanced GPS/Glonass chip that receives both US and Russian satellite signals. Four buttons operate the Power GPS, and its lightweight design is enhanced by an elegant aluminium bezel. Furthermore, it is micro-USB rechargeable, runs for up to 22 hours and can record 200 hours of data.


  • Large, easy to read display with backlight
  • Elegant, machined aluminium bezel
  • Advanced, low power chip combines GPS and Glonass which reads USA and Russian satellites for ultra reliable data collection
  • Bluetooth® Smart (BLE) connectivity
  • Intuitive four button operation
  • Lithium polymer battery provides up to 22 hours of runtime
  • Micro USB rechargeable
  • Optimised GPS recording stores up to 200 hours of data
  • Auto Start/Stop
  • Custom lap presets
  • Includes X-Lock Standard Mount

Lezyne Power Gps Review:


  • Worked perfectly out of the box
  • Small, thin, light, attractive
  • Easy to operate
  • Good battery life – claimed 22 hours, but I got much more than this in reality, possibly 34 to 38 hours.
  • Low battery indicator
  • Great customer support on Lezyne website


  • None so far

The build quality like most Lezyne stuff is great. The product is finished with a good solid aluminium bezel which seems very robust. The Power GPS is really good to use, the controls on the unit are intuitive and easy to use. The buttons have a good positive action. The screen is sharp and easy to read both in daylight and night time.

Thanks to the excellent design, ease of use and solid build quality, the product is a pleasure to use.

The product works straight out of the box. Note that if you are using a phone with the latest iOS 9, or higher, or an Android 5 phone, you will need to download the Lezyne app (available through the Lezyne website). I downloaded the latest version, which was 1.0:8, released 15 July, 2015. I don’t think there is a problem downloading this onto my iPhone 5, but if I recall correctly it went smoothly.

Download the app, plug in the Power GPS, switch on the GPS search function on the phone, enable Bluetooth on the Power GPS, enable the Power GPS bluetooth on my phone, and that was it.

On the iPhone, which I tested it on, screen resolution is very good. The mapping software works well. One thing that was useful to me was that I could set the Power GPS to show me the cycle path near me, rather than expect me to know exactly where I was.

The screen comes on when you rotate the outer bezel.

Let me try to describe how it operates, to the best of my ability.

You have two screens which are used to present data to the rider. These are screens 1 and 2. Screen 1 always shows the distance travelled, the time elapsed, and the battery charge level. At the bottom of screen 1, there is a separate box which you can select to display the time, distance and speed, or the time, distance and cadence (rotations per minute). (By the way, you can also display the time and distance or time and cadence.)

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Lezyne Power Gps Review:

Screens 2-4 are selected by turning the outer bezel. The information presented in these screens is selected by pressing the bottom button, located centrally on the unit.

Screens 2 and 3 always show the speed, along with the time for that speed. For example, you could have screen 2 showing your current speed, and screen 3 showing your average speed. Very useful for determining if you are holding your speed up. When you press the bottom button, it switches screens 2 and 3 around.

Screens 4 and 5 always display a bar graph for the power you are putting out.

Screens 6 and 7 are also selected by turning the outer bezel. Screens 6 and 7 always display a bar graph for the cadence (the number of revolutions your pedals are turning per minute). When turned once, you switch from the screens being set for a higher cadence (more revolutions per minute) to a lower cadence (less revolutions per minute). For example, if you are trying to spin up a hill, when you pedal faster, the bar graph gets higher. (To make it easier, the bar graph also shows the gears you are using for each level.)

Screens 8 and 9 are selected by pressing the bottom button twice. These screens display the regular time and distance and speed information.

When it is lit up and you go through the menus, you just keep turning the outer bezel. I have found the product very easy to use.

I ride a road bike. I used the product on a Garmin Edge 500, a Cateye Strada wireless unit and my iPhone 6. The Lezyne Power GPS worked on all three of these units, but you obviously get more information on the Lezyne Power GPS.

The Power GPS can be used in the following ways:

Used for occasional rides where you want to record how far, how fast, etc.

Used as a replacement for your speedometer. This is how I have used it most. Just put it on your handlebars and ride.

Used in conjunction with a Garmin Edge or similar, where you synchronise the data. This means you can download your rides on the computer and compare your speed and altitude.

I have used the product for about three months, and it has been faultless.

The product comes with an X-Lock® Standard mount. I have fitted mine on my Strava Bike.

The Power GPS is really a pleasure to use. I have found it easy to read in daylight, and I can read in the dark, using the backlight. Note, however, that there is no warning period when you switch on the backlight. The light comes on immediately. I really like the way that Lezyne also gives a warning when the batteries are getting low. I do not know how it calculates the battery charge, but its warning came about six hours before the batteries ran out completely.

I like the way that all you do is slip the unit on the mount and off you go. When you get home, just slip it off the mount.

I have used the Power GPS to record my first century (100 miles) ride. It worked faultlessly and picked up the satellites even up in Snowdonia, North Wales (the top is 1045 metres, there is a saying that there is so much sky, there is no room for God up there – but enough about God).

I am very happy with the Lezyne Power GPS and I have no hesitation in highly recommending this product.

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Written by Mark Adams

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