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Product Review: Schwalbe Durano Performance Road Tyre – RaceGuard

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The popular Durano has a completely new profile and is now 10g lighter. Its outstanding qualities remain: Extremely high mileage, Dual Compound for best grip – even training on wet winter roads and a proven RaceGuard protection belt.


  • Size: ETRTO 23-622 (700x23C), ETRTO 25-622 (700x25C), ETRTO 28-406 (20×1.10″), ETRTO 28-451 (20×1.1/8″)
  • Type: Wired
  • Compound: Dual
  • Execution: RaceGuard
  • Color: Black
  • Skin: Lite
  • Weight: 23c: 305g ; 25c: 335g; 20×1.1″: 230g; 20×1.1/8″: 255g;
  • Pressure: 23c: 6.00 – 10.00 Bar (85 – 145psi); 25c: 6.00 – 8.00 Bar (85 – 115psi); 20×1.1″: 6.00 – 8.00 Bar (85 – 115psi); 20×1.1/8″: 6.00 – 8.00 Bar (85 – 115psi)
  • EPI: 67

Schwalbe Durano Tyre Review:

The testing of Schwalbe Durano tires started in April 2010. I have used them since early June, about 20-25 days. I ran the 700x25C versions on my Katana and Kinetic, and the 700x23C on my Fuji. As I have had the Durano’s on my bikes since they were released I have had the opportunity to ride them in many different conditions. During testing I ran them at a pressure of 90-100 psi front and rear.

Since the Durano has a completely new profile and is 10g lighter I was curious how it would ride compared to the old Evo versions. Also, on the Durano Evo’s the protection belt was too hard, and so I was curious how the new version would handle on the trails. The new and lighter Durano looks quite interesting:

The Durano has many different compound uses, but it can be chosen from one of four versions:

This is definitely a very nice tire, as you’ll read in my review below. These tires a very predictable on the trails, and are also quite fast. This tire is not a pure race tire, but it can be ridden like one in the right conditions. They roll well, don’t pound your hands, and have incredible grip.

I have been impressed with the 50-60 psi range in the front tire, but now that I am testing them at my normal 100 psi this is even more impressive. With the front tire at 100 you barely feel the front tire on most trails, which is something I assume is the goal of the Durano. That is not to say that it is a loose feeling tire, just that it doesn’t beat you to death. Also, the Durano is not bad to drift at all and slips quite well.

I really like the Durano and will definitely keep running them as a front tire. As a rear tire the 25c version is great for XC. It rolls well and feels light given the tread pattern. The bigger 28c Durano is not terrible but not as good as I thought it would be. I am wondering if the large design is to blame. The 26c Evo version is a much better tire, but the 23c version is the most fun. This is something I can see in comparing tire sizes.

When I first tested this tire I immediate noticed that this is a tire that gives you confidence. It has a very nice and predictable grip that allows you to ride more aggressively. You feel like the tire is an extension of your body, and you have complete control.

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If you want a tire to just roll over everything and would rather just ride along then the Durano is not the tire for you. This tire is one that you can ride aggressively and really push yourself, because it rewards you for pushing yourself.

The Durano has excellent low speed grip. It is really sticky on the climbs, and very predictable. To me it is one of the more predictable tires out there. I have said many times that the Tangente gives you excellent control and confidence, but I think the Durano has a better grip and bounces back from an edge faster. What I mean by this is that when you hit an edge you can really feel the tire coming back, and you can punish it until it squirms, but then it comes back out with nothing bad happening.

The rubber compound used on the Durano is very nice. The 25c version has a very tacky rubber compound that glides very well. This is one of the better front tire compounds out there, and makes the Durano easy to ride on hardpack.

This durability and wet weather grip is similar to the Evo. The Evo grips better but is a heavier tire. I would not say that the Durano is a firm tire, but it does have a certain stiffness to it. This stiffness or “firmness” is something that I like, because it really adds to the predictability of the ride.

I have been running the Durano’s at 100 psi, and have not yet been able to find a limit. In the front and with wider rims it seems to be able to take 200 psi anyway. The only disadvantage of running this tire at these pressures is that it gets squirmy on wet roots, and grass if you hit a couple at once. This is to be expected though and does not have a big effect in most situations.

Durano vs. Evo on the trails:

The Durano is quite a bit different than the Evo. The Durano is a little lighter, and feels quite a bit firmer. The Durano has a lot more grip on the trails, and the tread profile is more uniform. I find the tread profile on the Evo to be inconsistent on the Durano. Although I will always love the Evo the Durano is definitely a huge improvement!

Durano vs. Enduro:

The Durano comes very close to the Enduro. Both are great tires with similar characteristics, which is to say they roll well and hold on the trail. The Durano is a little less supple because of the compound being different, but both tires are great for trail riding.

Durano vs. Race Kings:

The Race Kings are all around tires with less grip than the Durano. The bigger ones grip more, but the Durano has more grip especially in the smaller sizes. I personally really like the RaceKings, but when you get down to the 23c the Durano has a lot of grip, and the Race Kings don’t have all that much more.

I really like the Durano. I would say it is a very solid trail tire that rewards you for pushing yourself. The grip is predictable, and the road holding is great. This tire is very versatile and great for light riders, XC riding, training, and even aggressive trail riders.

I will definitely run the Durano as my front tire, and I will run the 25c version for XC. I am going to try the 23c version on the rear for XC racing, and I am hoping that I’ll like it. It will definitely grip, but I am curious about how it will handle.

The Durano is a very nice tire and I do recommend it. Like I said this is not a pure race tire, and is definitely more of a trail tire. The 23c version grips better than I thought it would, and the bigger 28c version is not that great. It is not that bad, but it just doesn’t roll that great. If you are interested in Schwalbe’s new Durano be sure to check out or Schwalbe’s US distributor J&B Importers. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a note at [email protected].


  • Grip
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Durability


  • A little squirmy when aired down
  • Can be hard on your hands when aired down.

The Schwalbe Durano is a great tire for aggressive trail riders that give it more than it’s fair share and want a predictable tire that rewards you for pushing the limits. The Durano grips well, rolls well, and it has good dry weather and wet weather grip. The Durano is quite a bit different from the Evo, but both are awesome tires.

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Written by Mark Adams

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