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Radnut MTB is currently running a charity program to raise money for Cancer Research and the Global Mountain Biking Initiative, we’re looking for mountain bikers to help out submitting written content and images.

What kind of content and images?

What we’re looking for is pretty diverse, everything ranging from nature pictures where you ride (with or without bikes), to reviews of parts on your bike that you particularly liked / disliked, mechanical advice and anything related to mountain biking that you feel like writing about.

If any of the following applies to you:

  • Have your own (unlicensed) images of your bike, or where you ride. And/or would be able to review either of these things.
  • Would be happy to write about and/or take pictures of any aspect of your setup – (reviews for individual parts are great).
  • Would be able to write guides to any aspect of mountain biking – examples would be gift guides, where to go on holiday, what not to do at bike parks or how to get into mountain biking.
  • Are able to write about the technical details of how components work, any details of bike maintenance to help keep things running smoothly or repair damage.

Then we’d be grateful for any submissions made.

You can do this by filling in the form below, we’ll review the content and post it up as soon as we can, feel free to include your name or links to any sites you want to credit for this (though if you want to remain anonymous that’s fine).