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The Best Paddle Board Pump for Fast and Easy Inflation

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Paddle Board Pump. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Tuomico Max Electric Air Pump

This product was recommended by Eric Jones from Couture Candy

The Tuomico Max Electric Air Pump is a lightweight, mid-range electric pump for paddle boards. It comes with no unnecessary frills. It runs off a 12V power source. The Tuomico Air Pump can inflate a SUP board in less than 10 mins. It allows you to set a preferred air pressure up to 20 PSI. It has an LCD screen to monitor the progress. The Tuomico is a lightweight air pump at 3.8lbs and thoughtfully designed with a practical carry handle. It has a wide range of nozzles that fit any inflatable items you might have.

Crew & Axel Pump for Paddleboard

This product was recommended by Davin Joseph from My Enamel Pins

The Crew & Axel Paddle Board Dual Action SUP Pump is the best paddle board pump because it offers a quick action that makes pumping your board a breeze. Plus, its high-quality construction means it will last for years to come. This paddle board pump is made with anodized aluminum and stainless steel, so it’s built to withstand the elements. And, it comes with two different nozzles so you can easily switch between boards and kayaks. Plus, the comfortable handle makes pumping your board easy even when your hands are wet.

Badfish Dual-Action SUP Pump

This product was recommended by Luke Fitzpatrick from DrSono

The Badfish Dual-Action SUP Pump is the best paddle board pump because it is able to quickly inflate and deflate your paddle board. This pump comes with a pressure gauge that helps you keep track of the PSI, and since it is dual action, it doesn’t take as much effort to get your SUP inflated. Additionally, the Badfish SUP Pump has a built-in valve that prevents air leaks so you can rest assured that your paddle board will stay inflated during your next outing.

APPFULL Paddle Board Pump

This product was recommended by Michael Jan Baldicana from bidetsPLUS

The APPFULL Paddle Board Pump is a must-have for any water sport enthusiast. The pump inflates and deflates your inflatable SUP or stand up paddle board in no time at all. It has a max pressure of 20 psi so you can inflate your board to the perfect level. This portable electric pump is great for outdoor enthusiasts who want to spend as little time as possible setting up their gear. It’s also perfect for those who need to pack light and don’t have room to bring more than one pump on their trip.

SereneLife High-Pressure SUP Air Pump

This product was recommended by Kevin Harris from NANBF

Some weekends instead of working on my online business, I like to take my nieces and nephews out on their paddle boards. But, they use their boards so often they need to be charged regularly. So far, this is the favorite paddleboard pump that I’ve tried. It takes around 5 minutes to fill the paddle board with air and you can inflate more than one paddle board with a single charge. Electric pumps are much better than manual pumps because they don’t tire you out before you even get into the water, and this one is particularly great because it’s actually rechargeable, so you can power it with both the battery and a car cigarette plug!


This product was recommended by Jared Floyd from Ajax Creative

AILCION SUP Air Pump is a portable electric pump that can inflate and deflate your paddle board. It’s a great alternative to the traditional manual pump. It’s lightweight, easy to use and takes only minutes to inflate your board. The AILCION SUP Air Pump is a portable electric air pump which inflates and deflates paddle boards. It can be used for inflatable stand up paddle boards, inflatable kayaks, inflatable boats, and other inflatables. It is a very useful device for those who are into water sports or who need to transport their paddle board on a regular basis.

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