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Canfield Bikes: Unleashing Customization and Performance

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Exploring the New Colors, Build Options, and Customization Features of Canfield Bikes

Key Takeaways:

1. Canfield Bikes introduces new colors and build options for the Tilt and Lithium, showcasing their commitment to customization and personalization.

2. The patented Canfield Balance Formula suspension system delivers exceptional performance and trail prowess on both the Tilt and Lithium models.

3. Riders can now customize individual components of their Canfield bikes, allowing them to tailor their bikes to their specific budget and riding style.

Introduction: Unleashing Customization and Performance

Canfield Bikes, a high-end boutique mountain bike manufacturer, has always been synonymous with exceptional performance and innovative designs. In this article, we explore the latest developments from Canfield Bikes, including new colors and build options for the Tilt and Lithium models. We also delve into the exciting customization features that allow riders to personalize their Canfield bikes, elevating their riding experience to new heights.

New Colors and Build Options: Making a Statement

Canfield Bikes understands the importance of aesthetics and individual expression. The Tilt and Lithium models now offer an array of stunning new colors to suit every rider’s taste. From the eye-catching Pinkle and Sandstorm powder coats of the Tilt to the striking Gnarigold and Blue Velvet powder coats of the Lithium, these bikes make a bold statement on the trails. Additionally, the Stealth Silver anodized finish on the Tilt and Stealth Black anodized finish on the Lithium exude a sleek and sophisticated appeal.

The Canfield Balance Formula: Unparalleled Performance

At the core of both the Tilt and Lithium models lies the Canfield Balance Formula suspension system. This patented design delivers exceptional performance and trail prowess, allowing riders to tackle a wide range of terrain with confidence and control. The Tilt, a mid-travel trail bike, offers 138 millimeters of rear-wheel travel and a 140-millimeter fork, striking the perfect balance between agility and capability. On the other hand, the Lithium, a long-travel AM/enduro bike, boasts 163 millimeters of rear-wheel travel paired with a 170-millimeter fork, providing the ultimate in versatility and aggression.

Customization Features: Tailoring the Ride

Canfield Bikes takes customization to a whole new level by allowing riders to personalize their bikes down to the smallest details. Rather than offering set builds, Canfield Bikes now offers the flexibility to customize individual components, empowering riders to create a bike that perfectly matches their budget and riding style. From choosing the ideal shock and fork to selecting the wheels, brakes, drivetrain, crank length, and even chain color, riders have complete control over their Canfield bikes.

“Rolling Chassis” Upgrades: Unbeatable Value

Canfield Bikes understands the value of providing unbeatable deals to their customers. With the introduction of “Rolling Chassis” upgrades, riders can now enjoy steeply discounted wheelsets from renowned brands such as e*thirteen, Atomik, and RideFast Racing. For a limited time, customers can even receive a free e*thirteen LG1 Plus wheelset with any Tilt or Lithium frame & fork package, further enhancing the value and performance of their Canfield bikes.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Ride with Canfield Bikes

Canfield Bikes continues to push the boundaries of customization and performance with their latest offerings. The new colors and build options for the Tilt and Lithium models allow riders to make a personal statement on the trails, while the Canfield Balance Formula suspension system ensures unparalleled performance and trail dominance. With the ability to customize individual components, riders can truly tailor their Canfield bikes to their liking, creating a ride that reflects their unique style and preferences. Choose Canfield Bikes and elevate your ride to new heights of customization and performance.

Written by Martin Cole

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