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Product Review: Continental Cyclocross Speed Bike Tyre

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For hard and frozen ground.The Cyclocross Speed is the first choice on a pure cross bike thanks to a diamond-coated centre section and coarse studs in the shoulder lugs.

Continental Cyclocross Speed Bike Tyre Review:


  • Very durable
  • Great for long rides
  • Easy maintenance
  • Great gadgets


  • A little expensive

Continental Cyclocross Speed Tyre Review:

Designed for cross cycling.The Cyclocross Speed is often described as a hybrid between a cyclocross bike and a road bike. Its frame is durable enough to be able to withstand cold weather, but also because of its comfort level, the Cyclocross Speed is quite suitable for riders who do not have particularly strong leg muscles.

This frame is around 3 inches extra long.

Also, this model has a slightly heavier weight of 29.5 Kg.

The Cyclocross Speed 2 is a very versatile bike. The frame has a solid frame construction and is also equipped with rollers, which are important in any bike designed for cross cycling; to keep the shock in the center of the cockpit and thus reduce vibrations.

Cyclocross Speed 2 Suspension

The mechanical components of the suspension have a classic component group that will satisfy anyone who desires a smooth ride and a decent suspension, as well as technical abilities which are difficult to find in a time trial bike.

It has a monocoque swingarm, and a high-volume shock absorber.

The pedals are slightly wider than those of many other road bikes and are slightly tapered.

The front forks are split at the split, and the rear has a shock absorber.

Also, the suspension fork is extended 42.7mm.

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Smart Drive

Continental offers the smart drive system which is a pivoting system that delivers hydraulic assistance to the rider, so that the pedals have better control on rough surfaces as well as a comfortable riding position. During the assembly and disassembly, the pivoting system can easily be removed entirely, which allows for a particularly well-finished frame

New System

Additional features such as an integrated brake system enable the Cyclocross Speed to not only be equipped with a back, but also with a seat mounted brake that is always in front of the rider.

For any cross cycling rider.This is a great bike. It’s super light weight and has some solid features.

For cool weather. It’s a great bike. Easy to ride for easy to learn. Good enough brakes to just give you a little more confidence in the corners.

For cross country. The fast sections just aren’t a problem with this bike. The corners just feel right.

For road. It’s got an excellent set up and is quite suitable for road cycling now and then.

For city. It’s still good for city riding and other hills.

For routes. I really love the fast sections and the road sections are very solid.

For big hills. | After a few mountain passes and one grueling road section. The easy to tweak feel just wasn’t there.

For extreme. It’s got everything.

If you want a smooth riding experience, then this is a great bike. The bike itself is extremely smooth. It’s easier to handle and you’re even able to move the speed settings better for wider easier riding. They do have a good package I feel which is an excellent bike, almost too good for the price.

A quick build up of the seat height during assembly. A few shortcuts have been taken to make the cycling experience easier and better for the user. The left side of my right’s position to be horizontal; the left is offset to be vertical, and the handlebar is bent to leave the left hand reaching the rear beliner; the right is the upright position and is bent to form a quarter circle to form an “8”. The curved handlebars of the frame begin on the grip post, which at some point is offset to allow the rider to keep an optimal level of under-hand pressure on the handlebars. This left hand lever is just a short stroke away from the brakes and makes it possible to address problems as they arise without having to attempt to handle the bike entirely. When ridden as a road bike the brace of the fork and the tires also act as engine braking to keep the bike upright and straight during a corner. The bike’s tire work is described in the manual. The 35mm front tire has a diameter of 4.0mm, and the tire is 2.3mm thick. The rear is 24 mm. The tire is rear-biased, which means that the bike’s rear tire is in the opposite direction of the rider’s input. The bike’s back tire is backward biased. A custom in-tune rear brake caliper is bolted to the bash plate at the crank arm, removing the need for a rear caliper. The caliper is mounted to the fork carrier. The 100x300mm rear tyre has a width of 3.0mm, and the front tire has a width of 2.0mm. Both tires’ rather thick tread diameter of 4.0mm suggests that they are suitable for wearing. The tire’s 190×1.0mm profile will result the tire to run slightly above the sidewalk when in the city, and while that will result in a bit of rolling resistance, if the tires are considered to be fully inflated, the tire contact area at the upper and lower grooves is roughly 7 per cent to 11 per cent of the side wall area. 

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Written by Mark Adams

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