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Product Review: Continental Grand Prix 5000 Tyre

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Building on the success of its hugely popular GP4000 model, Continental has incorporated the very best of its technologies to produce its best road bike tyre so far. The GP5000 tyre retains the race-proven BlackChili compound to ensure you enjoy outstanding levels of grip and balance. This is thanks to extensive road and laboratory testing, which have resulted in tangible benefits to modern road cyclists.

High-Grip Road Bike Tyre

Equipped with other stunning advances including its impact-absorbing Active Comfort build, a Lazer Grip micro profile along the outer edge for improved cornering grip and Vectran Breaker puncture protection, performance, rolling and reliability is taken to new levels by this unrivalled update.


  • Tyre Type: Clincher
  • Bead Type: Folding
  • Compound: BlackChili Rubber Compound
  • Casing: 3/330 tpi
  • Sidewall: Skin
  • Technology: Vectran Breaker, Lazer Grip, Active Comfort

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Continental Grand Prix Tyre Review:

The Continental Grand Prix 5000 Tyre is a very special tyre given the fact that for the first time ever this new tyre type was developed after many years of life testing had taken place on the race circuit. More than this the Grand Prix 5000 Tyre was the first tyre ever to be fully tested and developed by Continental Cycling Team riders.

The Grand Prix 5000 Tyre is created and tested by Continental’s road team. This team adheres to an out-of-the-box riding philosophy. It explains how the teams’ riders will take any new tyre compound and ride it for a period and compare the performance and feel to the “go-to” tyre.

This riding philosophy over time allows the Continental Cycling Team riders to develop the Grand Prix 5000 Tyre. Also behind this process is the fact that Continental produces only the finest road racing tyres. Every single one of the company’s road bikes or racing machines uses the very best race tyres with a minimum of drag, vibration, noise and aerodynamic drag.

Continental’s Grand Prix 5000 Tyre is an example of just that. It represents the very best of modern road riding by the Continental Cycling Team.

Huge Rides:

With the exception of the GP4000 tyres, the Continental Grand Prix 5000 Tyre nevertheless retains the superb ride characteristics and ride quality. The Continental Grand Prix 5000 Tyre proves to be a perfectly balanced tyre with outstanding levels of grip. It also responds well to an aggressive riding pattern from both the front and rear wheel.


The Continental Grand Prix 5000 Tyre also possesses outstanding comfort characteristics, showing a high level of comfort on both rougher riding and smoother roads.


The Continental Grand Prix 5000 Tyre is also great for road riding in the saddle. Its Vectran Breaker technology ensures better puncture protection and hence a higher level of puncture resistance. It also performs well under continuous riding for long distances.

As you read this article you’ll be amazed by just how much detail has been carried over from the GP4000 to the new Grand Prix 5000 Tyre. This is because the Continental Grand Prix 5000 is not the first three-dimensional fat tyre.

Continental’s Grand Prix 500 Tyre is the same as the GP4000 tyres. It is a low profile tyre and is specially designed with versatility and comfort in mind. It is equally adept at all road surfaces and conditions.

The CONTINENTAL GP5000 Tyre is a must-buy road cycling tyre. Its low profile and grippy BlackChili Rubber compound have also been tuned to deliver a more consistent and predictable tyre feel.

This tyres is also perfectly placed for aggressive riders and for touring and gravel riding. It is a top choice for hard riding and aggressive off-road riding.

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Continental Grand Prix Tyre Review:

Continental Grand Prix 5000 Tyre

Continental Purion Ti:

The Continental Grand Prix 500 Tyre’s unique feature is its carbon structure. This makes the tyre a perfect candidate to ride hard and to explore more challenging parts of the road. Similar to that of many rims these days, the Grand Prix 6000 wheel rims are equipped with carbon spokes. This gives the rims a more durable feel on the road.

Street riding and hard riding both go well with the Continental Grand Prix 500 Tyre. This can be a very powerful tyre due to its aggressive tread wear and puncture resistance. It also can be light for the rider.


  • Tyre Type: Tubeless
  • Bead Type: Folding
  • Compound: Conradist Premium Race Compound
  • Casing: 3/330 tpi
  • Sidewall: Sidewinder
  • Technology: Carbon Spokes, Conradist Race Compound, Conradist Prime

This is one quite powerful tyre. Its aggressive tread design helps it to cope with tough riding. Comparing it to Continental’s other racing tyres, it has low carcass volume and so is pretty slim. It also has a rolling speed of 101.5mm/s making it extremely lightweight.

The Continental Grand Prix 500 Tyre is a maximum racer. It is renowned for having good longevity and for its well-balanced performance. It is designed for unrelenting hours of hard riding combined with aggressive and sustained cornering.

It is also well suited to touring and gravel riding. The Continental Grand Prix 500 Tyre offers superb ride and handling characteristics.

High-Grip Road Bike Tyre:

The Continental Grand Prix 500 Tyre was developed with a very specific focus. The tyre was designed to excel on demanding racetracks with restricted road widths. The Continental Grand Prix 500 Tyre fulfils these requests to a remarkable extent. It demonstrates not only its race-proven Black Chili compound but also the same technology that now is being used to make Continental’s Tubeless Compound Continental Averta.

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