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Product Review: SunRace MX3 10 Speed Shimano – SRAM MTB Cassette

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This 11-42t cassette is an ideal choice for mountain bike riders who want the simplicity of a 1×10 drivetrain, yet still have a wide range of climbing gears. Offering you great value for money, it enables you to clean up your handlebars and frame by losing the front shifter and mech, all without the expense of an expander sprocket.

SunRace MX3 10 Speed Shimano Review:

The SunRace MX3 10 Speed Shimano – SRAM MTB Cassette features SunRace’s renowned low-friction capable steel cogs, which has seen it become popular with the DH racers and MTB riders. It can often be difficult to get the durability out of Shimano cassettes, but this set from SunRace retains that toughness while still running at a light 260g. We never experienced any gear shifts issues, the cassette has been put to the test on rocks, sand, muddy and loose conditions, and it just works as it should.

What Do the Cogs Look Like?

The cassette starts off with an 11 tooth cog, rising to a 17 tooth cog. The next six gears have a step to 21 teeth, then a smaller step into a 34 tooth chain-pulling gear. The highest gear has a mere 42 tooth on the largest cog, which should give you enough to climb any mountain. It’s far from an unknown fact that SunRace has always been known to produce high quality cogs. We found that the teeth on the cogs are a decent and strong size, which really helps with all the mud and grime you can get riding in the UK.

How Good Is The Grease Used On The Cogs?

On the website, it states that the grease has been given a long life with the company Polylube 1000, which is a heavy-duty molybdenum complex grease. Have the Grease makers been doing their homework here, because this item of the cassette stays free of dirt for a long time. The grease provides a smooth feel at the chain and cogs, which helps with the shifting dramatically. Let’s face it, the chain can’t be worn if it isn’t rubbing. So the grease is pretty good, and the wider than usual gaps between the cogs helps to avoid dirt build up.

How Good Does It Run?

This item of the cassette performed much better than we could have asked for. It has the best running ratio for a 1×10 MTB Shimano set-up on the market. Its strong steel teeth teeth offer great longevity and low friction. The cassette comes with a steel crank adapter for better durability, which you can see a better view of on our images page.

What Are The Best Parts Of The SunRace MX3 10 Speed Cassette?

  • Strong steel cogs with decent sized teeth
  • Low weight per gear ratio
  • Awesome running ratio for a 32t chain wheel
  • Easy to maintain with the right materials

How Good Is The Build Of The SunRace MX3?

The cassette has been designed with the best shifting system in mind. It features a Shimano compatible spline system that’ll work perfectly with your existing double and triple chain rings. You can see below the grease has done it’s job in the picture above. The item was almost clean two months after being put to the test when we first had the SunRace cassette.

Considering we have tested the item two months, it is hard to fault the SunRace MX3 Shimano – SRAM MTB Cassette!

A great all-rounder from SunRace for all the riders. If you’re looking for just a simple and awesome shifting cassette, then the SunRace MX3 10 Speed Shimano / SRAM MTB Cassette is the best for you.

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SunRace MX3 10 Speed Shimano Review:

You can tell that the items from Shimano and SunRace have been built with performance in mind, as both items run quiet and smooth and you won’t find any missing teeth.

The SunRace comes with their “Ultra-Shift Plus” technology, and it seems to work far better than the Shimano system. If there is anything we didn’t like about the Sunrace cassette, then it’s that the chain took a fair amount of time to wear in.

SunRace have produced a quality cassette that will offer you value for money and will require less attention than say a Shimano XTR or XT cassette.

The SunRace 10 speed MX3 Shimano – SRAM MTB Cassette has proven to be stronger than we thought. Its low weight and highly efficient design makes this a reliable cassette that will last a long time. The easy access to the servicing points make this a easy-to-maintain item. This a high ratio cassette that’ll give you the bite you need off-road, and is one of the best 1×10 cassettes on the market!

The SunRace MX3 10 Speed Shimano – SRAM MTB Cassette is a great piece of kit for any MTB rider who wants to run a clean build on their bike with a 1×10 drivetrain without spending a fortune on a cassette. We got three months of hard riding in before replacing it with this set from SunRace. It has looked after us perfectly, no maintenance required.

The SunRace MX3 10 Speed Shimano – SRAM MTB Cassette will give you much better performance than the standard Shimano or SunRace options. This item is highly efficient, and it’s great to see the simple greasing ports for easy maintenance.

This is a quality item of the cassette from SunRace, and we can really see why they are popular with the top DH riders. A fantastic performer!

You shouldn’t need any further research into riding a 1×10 drivetrain than you’d do for a 2×10. You can ride both equally as effectively. The only thing you should be thinking about in terms of choosing a cassette is how easy it is to maintain if you do need to repair the item. It’s usually a fair sign that the factor is superior when it comes to running smooth and at low noise levels.

I love riding a 1×10 drivetrain setup. It allows me to really get into the rhythm of the trail. If there is anything I can fault about this cassette from SunRace is that it makes a slight grinding noise between the cogs which can be slightly annoying whilst riding in the UK, as of course it is raining most times. The wear rate of the item is pretty good, and I managed to clock up a good 170km on it before replacing it with a Suntour XC Pro cassette. That’s something that you can’t fault is how easy it is to ride a single chain ring setup!

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Written by Mark Adams

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